About GXS

GXS is the leading provider of business-to-business e-commerce services. Backed by over 40 years of experience, GXS’s flexible on-demand model for electronic invoicing enables you to integrate your accounting  systems with your suppliers and customers and achieve compliance with country-specific e-invoicing regulations via a single data process flow without investing in additional software and expensive staffing resources.

GXS electronic invoicing solutions provide all the foundational components for e-invoicing:

GXS processes more than half a billion invoice transactions per year. GXS offers unmatched translation and integration capabilities, services hundreds of thousands of businesses in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia and employs a proven five-step process that leads to a successful community implementations, enabling businesses to enjoy the greatest ROI  in the shortest time possible.

The top priority for our technology investments—and core to our mission—is to ensure maximum availability and resiliency of our solutions. We continue to invest significantly to ensure a solid infrastructure that supports your mission critical needs 24×7.

For more information about GXS visit our website at www.gxs.co.uk.

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