This website is for anyone interested in e-Invoicing, looking to better understand the benefits and pitfalls in e-Invoicing programmes. e-Invoicing is all about replacing your paper-based invoices with electronic versions. A simple idea that's sometimes quite complex to achieve. It will involve many different disciplines within your company. You'll need a broad understanding of the business, technology and regulatory compliance issues involved.

e-Invoicing Blogs

e-Invoicing Blogs

  • Who is still using paper-based fax?
    When was the last time you physically sent a fax? The answer for almost half of enterprise fax users, according to the latest IDG MarketPulse report, Enterprise Fax and Captur … Read More »
  • EDI is cool again, says Forbes
    Every year, someone announces the final demise of EDI. But this year, Forbes believes EDI has become cool – well, at least the EDI Value Added Network (VAN), aka EDI cloud. So … Read More »
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