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PayStream Advisors’ 2015 Invoice Workflow Automation Report

Invoice workflow automation (IWA) is one of the most important components of an efficient back office. IWA solutions increase efficiency by filling in where manual procedures fall short, reducing processing times and lost or duplicate invoices. Enterprises adopting IWA solutions say they are able to reduce the time it takes between receiving and approving an invoice from as many as 45 days to less than one. With a more efficient back office, organisations can take advantage of early-payment discounts and reallocate staff to more strategic tasks. Read the white paper »

White Paper: How to benefit your ROI using e-signatures

Nearly all countries award “exceptional evidence” status to high-quality electronic signatures. In most countries, when an invoice is sealed and meets strict e-signature legal requirements, anyone challenging the integrity and authenticity of your invoices has to prove they are not real. This unique feature provides an unprecedented level of legal certainty: you don’t have to wait until the next tax audit to know if your e-invoicing investment is at risk because of legal discrepancies. Read the white paper »

White Paper: Implementing Global Einvoicing With Legal Certainty

Find out how to achieve this without major IT involvement and on-going expertise in international law. Read Now »

Billentis 2013 Report: E-Invoicing/E-Billing – The Catalyst for AR/AP Automation

The report “E-Invoicing / E-Billing The Catalyst for AR/AP Automation,” is sponsored by OpenText, and examines the global economic challenges driving e-Invoicing. Read Now »

Checklist to Prepare for e-Invoicing in Your Company

Useful questions for your company to cost and decide upon your e-Invoicing strategy. Learn More »

Checklist for an e-Invoicing Compliance Solution

Key requirements to look for in an e-Invoicing compliance solution. Learn More »

Checklist for Tax Compliance to Include in e-Invoicing RFP

The 5 questions you need to ask. Learn More »

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Case Studies

Learn about the approach taken by some companies who have already implemented e-Invoicing. Learn More »


Read some of the more commonly asked questions about e-invoicing. Learn More »

Glossary of Terms

A comprehensive alphabetical list of e-invoicing terms you may come across. Learn More »

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