The Right Choice

Before you embark on an eInvoicing project, you have some very important decisions to make. First, do you handle the project in-house yourself and, if so, which eInvoicing solution do you choose? Or, do you choose to work with a third party eInvoicing solution provider and, if so, what capabilities should they be able to provide?

Below are some pointers on what you need to consider, depending on which route you decide to take.

Do-it-yourself or hosted eInvoicing service?

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Selecting the right eInvoicing solution

An overview of the basic features that you should expect as a minimum from your eInvoicing solution. Learn More »

Selecting the right eInvoicing service provider

An overview of the basic capabilities you should expect from your eInvoicing solutions provider. Learn More »

Key questions to ask your eInvoicing service provider

A brief list of questions that you should have positive answers for before you make your decision. Learn More »

6 Fundamental Questions to include in an eInvoicing RFP

Questions to include in your e-Invoicing RFP to ensure you get a long-term, sustainable eInvoicing solution. Learn More »


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