The Benefits

E-invoicing enables a company to automate their invoice processing. As a result, buyers, suppliers and other managers gain a number of operational and strategic benefits. In addition to cost savings, the ability to automate the invoicing process and integrate with other business systems provides business efficiency and revenue generating opportunities.

At a glance

The key benefits for buyers, suppliers and managers include:

For buyers For suppliers For managers
Reduced costs Faster payments Improved visibility
Increased accuracy Reduced costs Optimised working capital
Increased AP productivity Fewer rejected invoices Improved compliance
Faster processing and payment cycles Increased productivity Improve supplier/customer relationships
Focus on higher value activities Enhanced accounts reconciliation Enhanced IT system optimisation
Enhanced accounts reconciliation Improved customer relationships Meeting green initiatives
Improved cash management Improved cash management
Reduced fraud, duplicates and late payment fees Alternative finance options
Improved dispute handling
Improved supplier relationships
Optimised community management
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The link below directs you to a one page document that contains a good summary of some of the key business benefits any company can expect from e-invoicing and can be a useful discussion point for you to share within your organisation.

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