The Issues

Implementing an eInvoicing solution can be a complex process. It will involve a number of people in different parts of your business and potentially will extend to include your supplier/customer community. It will also require the integration of different business systems. This section covers some of the major issues you should consider before commencing your eInvoicing project.

Forward planning

Where to begin? How do you ensure you get the planning correct from the start? Learn More »

Internal capabilities

What are the skills and knowledge that you will require within your business to create and manage your e-invoicing solution? Learn More »

Technology readiness

What systems will your eInvoicing solution need to integrate with? Will the systems be contained within the accounts department or will it need to communicate with your ERP and planning systems? Learn More »

Supplier/customer acceptance

Are your trading partners either capable or willing to invoice electronically? What can you do to help with their adoption? Learn More »

Supplier/customer integration

How easily can you onboard your trading partners to your eInvoicing system? In which format will they require invoices? Learn More »

Data storage and archiving

All countries have regulations about how long you must retain invoice information. What are the data storage and archiving issues you’ll need to address? Learn More »

Managing change

Most analysts accept that the biggest barrier to successful eInvoicing implementation is cultural and not technological. Are your people ready to move to eInvoicing? Learn More »

Need any help?

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