Supplier/customer integration

The more trading partners that participate in your e-invoicing programme the more benefit you will receive from it. One key element to this is a quick and effective means to on-board your partners wherever they are located, anywhere in the world. Successful initiatives are likely to require multi-lingual staff to plan and implement an e-invoicing programme globally.

Below are just some of the steps that you will need to take in order to integrate your trading partner community, including:

  • Compile an accurate and up-to-date trading partner contact list
  • Identify and then communicate the key benefits of participation for trading partners
  • Select some of your key partners to pilot the e-invoicing system with (not just the largest)
  • Gain an understanding of their technical capabilities and the format in which they would like to receive data
  • Define the communications and end-to-end document testing processing
  • Provide education and training where required
  • Provide on-going support through testing, implementation and roll-out

You will want to start with a few key partners with which to pilot the solution. It may be advisable to select organisations which already have experience of e-invoicing or EDI as a starting point. In addition, it may be beneficial to select partners in a territory where e-invoicing is already well established, such as the UK, Germany or Norway, so that your partner is likely to be more comfortable with the concept, your plans, and may already understand the need for adoption, because they are already doing e-invoicing.

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