Do-it-Yourself or hosted e-invoicing service?

You can implement an e-Invoicing solution using your own internal resources or you can leverage a hosted service from an e-invoicing service provider – the question for any organisation is which suits your business?

The time, cost and skills demands mean that e-Invoicing projects can be expensive to run internally. The alternative is to select a service provider partner who already has the skills and solutions to meet global e-Invoicing requirements.

Create your own e-invoicing system

Many organisations prefer the control and security that comes from creating their own e-invoicing systems in-house. This route requires that you can achieve the following:

Work with a service provider

Third party, hosted e-invoicing solutions can shield you from many of the complexities faced when implementing an e-invoicing solution. The service provider must be able to mitigate all the challenges outlined above and also deliver:

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