Key questions to ask your service provider

When selecting an eInvoicing service provider, remember that this should be a long-term relationship. You need to be sure that the organisation you choose is a good fit for you and your business. Below are some questions you may wish to ask before you reach your decision:

  • Can they facilitate the process of eInvoicing regulatory compliance with capabilities including end-to-end transaction life-cycle tracking, data validation, assuring authenticity & integrity, auditing & archiving?
  • Can they accommodate broad regulatory compliance available across multiple continents/countries?
  • Do they have extensive experience with and support of key B2B communications and file format standards?
  • Do they have extensive experience across the entire order-to-pay lifecycle, from complex supply chain scenarios such as advanced shipping notices (ASN) through to indirect material spend?
  • Can they provide services that allows you to outsource the complexity?
  • Can they provide any-to-any mapping capability to support a wide range of file formats, including support for a multitude of message formats?
  • Can they provide a solution that automatically initiates and manages disputes?
  • Can they provide a solution that maximises the potential of the community, perhaps by co-ordinating corporate social responsibility programs or project managing supplier interaction challenges?
  • Can their solution generate automated reminders to cut down the amount of time you spend chasing invoices?
  • Can they support a wide range of communication protocols, security, and technology standards?
  • Can they deliver seamless ERP system integration, communications, process control expertise?
  • Do they have a proven global presence in complex global supply chains?
  • Are they providing you with access to a large pre-connected community?
  • Can they provide flexible connectivity options for new trading partners, including simple web forms and web invoicing for smaller suppliers?
  • Do they have proven, fully managed trading partner on-boarding available?
  • Do they deliver a range of hosted (SaaS) models with flexible pricing options?
  • Can they deliver their service through a Cloud or SaaS infastructure to give you an on-demand service, with pay-as-you-go options?
  • Can they provide local language support across the territories where you do business?
  • Do they have long-term viability backed by financial strength?
  • Can they give you a full B2B service from one single vendor, with a single SLA for all your B2B needs?

Need any help?

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