Green Initiatives

It is estimated to take 12 million trees to create the 30 billion invoices that are sent in Europe each year. Removing these paper invoices, suggests the EU, will remove three million tonnes of CO2 from the environment. Sustainability is one of the EU’s key reasons for promoting eInvoicing.

Many companies have developed environmental policies within their overall corporate strategy and have encouraged the adoption of ‘green’ or sustainable business practises. By adopting eInvoicing, you are not only reducing the amount of paper used within your organisation, you are also helping to optimise your supply chain. Key green benefits include:

  • No paper used with the invoicing process
  • Reduced print, postage and transportation
  • Less energy required to process an invoice
  • Fewer people required to process an invoice
  • Less physical space required to store and archive invoices
  • Less waste – paper, ink cartridges, etc – created during the invoicing process

A smart use of eInvoicing technology

It is clear that there are direct cost benefits attached to most of the above points. Today, most green initiatives are not driven out of a desire to save the planet but to save money and become more energy efficient.

The SMART 2020 Report highlighted the smart use of technology to dematerialise, replace physical processes with electronic ones, as a key way to reduce the CO2 emissions of business in general. eInvoicing is a simple and logical step in this direction.

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