Checklist for an e-Invoicing Compliance Solution

Below is a list of key features that have been identified as necessary in an e-Invoicing compliance solution for you to review.

Any e-Invoicing compliance solution should include the control features needed to ensure an end-to-end compliant process and smooth tax audits during the entire e-invoice lifecycle across multiple geographies. These include the following:

VAT Compliance

  • Invoice complies with country-specific tax authorities
  • Backed by team of analysts and accounting specialists

Data Validation

  • Ability to validate that mandatory data fields are present in invoices prior to processing according to company and/or tax authority requirements

Authenticity & Integrity

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Digital signatures
  • Legal VAT document – signed digital image or data file

Government Mandates

  • Integration with government systems (e.g. Brazil)
  • Meeting government mandated processes
  • Meeting government mandated standards (e.g. Denmark, Nemhandel)


  • Secure electronic data warehouse for all invoice-related documents
  • Transaction audit trail
  • Management information for buyers and suppliers
  • Data protection laws

Audit and Reporting

  • Ability to display invoices in a human-readable format
  • Reports available for multiple internal and external audiences
  • Compliance documentation for non-signed EDI (e.g. France) including comprehensive trading partner list, automatically generated daily invoice summary report, tax exemption documents

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