Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) surrounding electronic invoices and successful e-invoicing implementation. Click on the question to show/hide the answer.

  1. What is e-invoicing?

  2. What is e-billing?

  3. What are the key benefits of e-invoicing?

  4. What do I require in order to start e-invoicing?

  5. Which countries allow e-invoicing?

  6. How much will e-invoicing cost?

  7. What are the major issues around successful e-invoicing implementation?

  8. I think we want EDI compliance not an e-signature solution?

  9. Is a per invoice fee for compliance a good model to adopt with a service provider?

  10. My IT department tells me we can be compliant with all countries by following compliance regulations for one country?

  11. Our company is considering a corporate mandate to use our Electronic Invoice Presentment (EIPP) or e-Procurement vendor to handle all of our invoices. Is this ok?

  12. We know paper is compliant so is it ok if we just keep handling via same processes that we do today?

  13. What if I only need e-invoicing compliance for one country?

  14. Doesn’t our ERP or tax system handle all of our VAT issues?


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