EDI + E-invoicing = Compliance

Electronic invoicing with regulatory compliance may not be as complex and challenging as you have been led to believe. View this 30-minute webinar and learn the answers to the questions below:

  • Do invoices need to be compliant?
  • What makes an invoice compliant?
  • What is Electronic Data Interchange and are EDI invoices compliant?
  • What are the options for e-invoicing with regulatory compliance?
  • Is my existing process compliant?

Nigel Taylor outlines the different forms of e-invoicing compliance during this webinar, including tax data, authenticity, integrity and archiving. He also discusses AS2, value-added networks, point-to-point, EDI, digital signatures and web portals, explaining which methods are compliant and why in a simple and straightforward manner.

If you are implementing, thinking about implementing or being asked to do electronic invoicing, view this webinar and get the facts. You may find that you are already compliant.

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