Global Provider of Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions

  • Need to comply with customer demands for compliant e-invoicing
  • More customers wanting to do B2B e-commerce around the world


Speed time to implement new customers and also comply with customer requests to do compliant e-invoicing.

The company has customers in 175 countries worldwide in the hotel, food service, food and beverage, retail and health care sectors. They already did B2B e-commerce with over 250 trading partners, mainly in Europe and had integrated with SAP and Oracle ERP’s. They wanted to respond better to customer requests and to move from in-house software to a single service provider able to manage customer implementations and e-invoicing compliance. They also wanted to improve productivity and reduce costs by delivering documents ready for straight-thru processing from their ERP systems.

Steps to Success

  1. Move from in-house software to a service provider to manage customer implementations and e-invoicing compliance
  2. Use the same external provider to on-board customers
  3. Improve productivity with straight-thru processing of documents


  • Improved customer service levels through speedier and more accurate processing of orders and invoices
  • Improved cash flow through early settlement of invoices
  • Increased ROI in SAP and B2B